Why You Should Choose Us


At DaVinci Concrete Coatings, we deliver coating solutions that are done right the first time. Don’t rely on a team of inexperienced contractors to give your project the high-quality coating solutions it deserves. Our team is knowledgeable and thoroughly trained in this type of work, and you’ll never find us cutting corners. With us, your commercial or residential projects are bound to impress. Better yet, we’re certified Penntek™ dealers, so your driveway, garage floor, patio, pool deck, and walkways will be coated with coating solutions 20x more durable than traditional epoxy flooring. While Penntek™ is known for its gorgeous, high-end coatings, we’re known for our top-of-the-line installation process. When you choose our team, you’ll receive an end-product you can be happy with for years to come.



Since Penntek™ coating systems are our go-to, you can have peace of mind knowing our project’s flooring is made to last. Penntek™ offers a 15-year warranty on base coats and a lifetime UV stability warranty that simply can’t be beat. Not to mention, we can complete most floor coating projects in one day! Pair that with resistance to stains, wear, chemicals, and more, and you’re set up with the perfect coating system for your next commercial or residential project. Contact us today to schedule a quote and see for yourself why our coating services have become the standard.