About Us

Since 2010, Penntek Industrial Coatings has manufactured industry-leading, award-winning products in the realm of concrete floor coating solutions. Partnering with quality contractors, Penntek has enjoyed strong growth that has mirrored the exploding floor coating segment of home improvement. Starting out as a contractor, founder Kyle Baynes was having difficulty finding sufficiently high quality products to offer his customers, so he started to develop his own products that could meet his high standards in terms of both quality and value.

At first, Penntek used the products he developed exclusively for his own business, but soon he began offering them to other contractors as well. Today, Penntek products are available through dealers all over the country. Our reliable, easy-to-use products are a favorite of contractors, and our customers love the finished results.

The Industrial Concrete Flooring Experts

DaVinci Concrete Coatings burst onto the scene ready to offer products that would change the market—and we’ve done just that. Our award-winning solutions are durable, beautiful, and boast safety features that can help to greatly reduce workplace slip-and-fall accidents. We offer a full line of coating solutions including:

Our commitment to providing an exceptional level of quality and service has made us an industry leader. We partner only with dealers who demonstrate the same commitment to quality that we have, so customers who choose DaVinci Concrete Coatings can be sure of getting access to the best products and service on the market. Plus, we back our industrial concrete flooring solutions, including garage floor coating and all other coating treatments, with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.